Terms & Conditions

  1. By registering to do this walk you are agreeing that all monies raised will be handed to the Treasurer and you will NOT personally distribute sponsors.
  2. You MUST raise a minimum donation of £60 per person, with the aim to raise as much money as possible!!!
  3. All sponsor money MUST be handed in by the end of May 2022 for a final tally.
  4. When taking part in the Event, you will carry my litter with you and/or will put it in the rubbish bags at each check point.
  5. You should be 16 or over to take part in the walk. We may allow exceptions where the younger person has support from a responsible adult over 18 and someone able to collect them if they retire.
  6. If you choose to retire from the walk you MUST inform a support car when you see one/make it to the nearest check point to be collected. If none of these options are available you should call a member of the committee (important phone numbers are in the registration pack) and make them aware that you are retiring.
  7. You MUST stop at every check point, register and have your walker card stamped. This is for safety reasons to check all walkers are passing through the correct route.
  8. At the finishing point you MUST register you have finished at the check-in desk, on entry.
  9. You declare that you will not compete in the W2K Walk unless you are medically fit on the day of the Event and that, in any circumstances, you will compete at your own risk.
  10. You MUST check-in at Workington Legion on the morning of the walk to have your starting time registered before setting off. At this point you will be asked for an estimate of your possible final donation.


  1. Can I bring my dog? You may bring dogs on the walk but please be aware that it is a very long way and you should have someone available to collet them if necessary.
  2. Are there people to help if I’m struggling? There are support cars driving the route to offer help at all times.
  3. Are there registered first aiders? There are first aiders at every check point and in support cars at all times.
  4. Is there organised transport back to Workington? There is no organised transport back to Workington, there are local buses running regularly for transport back.
  5. Are there any awards and prizes? Although this event is not a race, there is opportunity for the fastest person(s) in each category to win a trophy for their efforts. As well as a trophy for the highest sponsored male & female. These will be received at the presentation night usually held in June or July, where we all present the charities with the money raised.
  6. Where do my donations go? (please check the fundraising page for more details)
  7. Why can I not use Just Giving? As we are not a registered charity we cannot set up a Just Giving page. We are looking into means to make it easier for people to sponsor you via online means, hopefully to have up and running for next year.
  8. Can I do the walk as a team? Yes of course, when you register just add your team name to the section on the form, your team must be a minimum of 3 people.
  9. Can I register on the day? Yes, but we do have a small number available, we highly recommend you register online before the day.
  10. When do I need to hand in my sponsor money? Ideally we would like you to pay your sponsor money on the day. We however do understand it can be difficult to collect sponsors, especially as we do not ave any online means of donating. Therefore we say the end of May at the latest.
  11. Do I have to be a runner to take part? No, anyone can take part! Both walkers and joggers are welcome but the Organisers would like to emphasise that the event is not a race and although each individual’s total time is noted, the main aim is to complete the course.
  12. Do I need to train? A walk of some 30 miles over a hilly course and on hard roads should be a worthwhile challenge to most people and be well within the capabilities of anyone of average fitness who has prepared themselves adequately beforehand, i.e. some training should be done to toughen up feet and legs and get them used to the hardness of the roads, and also to develop a sense of even paced walking, ideally between 3 and 4 miles an hour. Although, will power is sometimes more important!
  13. Should I wear walking boots or trainers? Whatever you feel best. Although, this walk is all on-road AKA hard ground, it is better that you wear something that will cushion your feet and knees (such as outdoor trainers) than walking boots which are better for off-road walking. We find that you are less likely to suffer from blisters etc when wearing proper running socks and trainers.
  14. What should I wear? Depending on the weather on the day, that will dictate your choice of clothing. It is best to dress and carry light but warm. It can get very cold at high altitude such as over Honister, so it is important you dress appropriately.
  15. Do I need a bag for the walk? It is unnecessary to carry a large bag with food and refreshments etc as it is just extra weight. We have hot and cold refreshments and food at every check point. We do suggest you carry some sugary snacks/energy boosters incase you need a pick-me-up.
  16. Can I bring a spare change of clothes? Yes, we actually suggest you do bring something to change into at the end, in case it is very wet. If you bring your bags to Workington Legion, someone will be on hand to take your bag for you, label it and take it onto Keswick to meet you with it at the finish- this means there is no need to carry it with you on the walk if you do not wish to.

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